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Why Floodlight? | Floodlight Investing

Why Floodlight?

The principles behind Floodlight’s approach to robust portfolio construction and successful investing. See also this short demo.



Portfolio management is neither an art nor a science. It is instead a problem in engineering: determining the most reliable and efficient way to reach a specified goal.

Floodlight is cutting edge investment knowledge made accessible.

Underpinning Floodlight are advances in financial theory and practice not previously available in software or at such low cost. These allow our users to serve their clients better, by:

  • determining client's needs and objectives;

  • constructing robust, tailor-made portfolios;

  • analysing how their portfolio would have performed in the past, and forecasting how it might perform in the future;

  • understanding the role of time, spending and leverage on their portfolio performance;

  • selecting funds that will help them realise their goals; and by

  • reporting the information in a simple and clear way.

Floodlight guides you through the entire investment process: constructing well-diversified, tailor-made portfolios that suit your clients’ individual goals, time-horizon, and risk tolerance.

Investment portfolio construction should combine asset allocation AND fund selection.

Strategic asset allocation is the bedrock upon which the portfolio is built, that positions the portfolio to weather short-term market cycles and benefit from the long-term economic and market forces. This forms the basis on which fund selection and tactical asset allocation decisions are overlaid.

Asset allocation should form the foundation on which a portfolio is built. Studies show that 75 - 95% of a portfolio's risk and return are determined by a long-term, strategic asset allocation. It’s clearly important to get it right, and Floodlight focuses on doing just that.

Choosing funds to couple with the asset allocation, to produce an investable portfolio, is no simple task either: Thinking about management style, currencies, minimum investment amounts, and fees (to name but a few) can be challenging...

But Floodlight shows you the most important information in this space, allowing you to easily make informed decisions on fund selection.

Thorough analysis and deep understanding is vital for success.

Building portfolios that are more robust and are more likely to achieve the investment objectives of your clients requires thorough analysis of how portfolios perform under different market conditions.

We believe that thoughtful, objective study of the past is indispensible. This will allow you and your clients to better understand both the upside and the downside, helping to build portfolios that are appropriate for the client’s requirements, helping to set meaningful performance expectations, and helping the client develop an appreciation for the long-term nature of investing. As it was once said, "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it".

We also believe that expecting the past to repeat itself is naive and misled, and that portfolio construction should incorporate forward-looking market expectations. That’s why Floodlight incorporates both forward-looking and historical perspectives into our analyses.

In addition, Floodlight, allows you to perform stress test analyses, scenario ('What if?') analyses, factor model regressions, leverage tests, and much more.

Floodlight combines web technology, user friendly software and advanced investing knowledge.


Just as investment management is being transformed by advances in financial theory and practice, the internet and broadband have revolutionised software, information technology and how companies operate.

Floodlight is a state-of-the-art service that combines breakthroughs in financial knowledge with software design and internet technology.

And, with the availability of this investment technology, investors have every opportunity to achieve results that match their expectations and allow them financial freedom. The time is now.

Floodlight is broad, deep and comprehensive.


  • Floodlight includes 19 asset classes - across equity, fixed income and alternatives.

  • Floodlight has a database of over 10,000 funds.

  • Floodlight supports various currencies, including the US Dollar, Euro and Pound Sterling.

  • Floodlight has over 20 years of historical performance data.